VAASTU SHASTRA: The Link between Man, Building and the Environment

Definition of Vaastu Shastra:

Vaastu Shastra is the science which had been used in India for time unknown. It had been a very successful science which is based on logical and scientific ways of nature. It has been seen that buildings made according to vaastu are known to have much less health related problems as in comparison to the buildings made without using Vaastu. Word “Vaastu” means the dwelling place of mortals like human beings, animals, birds, plants and all other living things and immortals like Gods, Demigods, spirits etc.

It can be classified into 4 following categories, two movable and other two Immovable:

1) The Earth (Bhumi), the habitat of all living beings. It is immovable or sthir vaastu.
2) The Buildings (Harmya) for different activities. It is also immovable or sthir vaastu.
3) The Vehicles (Yana), to move around. It is a movable or cara vaastu
4) The Seats (Sayana). It is also movable or cara vaastu.
the house, only it is more specific in the details of the placements of the rooms, about the material to be used and amount of load sharing in each direction

: Vaastu Shastra (ParamShaikha Mandala)

Benefits from Vaastu Shastra:

Even if the vaastu is done for a dwelling, the main reason behind it is to provide betterment for the people who are occupants of that place or are in regular use of that place. Hence, we will like in all the other alternate therapies discussed briefly in this research, discuss the benefits individually for both occupant and the premises.

If a building is constructed keeping the laws of vaastu science than it has been seen that impact from lot of problems and diseases is reduced and the environment becomes healthier and harmonious. But, in present time most of the people living in metropolitan or other big cities live in houses or flats constructed by builders, because of which not all the houses or offices are vaastu friendly.

There is a common notion or thinking among people that to make the premises vaastu friendly they will have to break the walls etc. Whereas it is not vaastu shastra which says so instead this idea is the brain seed of the vaastu practitioners who are not professionally trained. The truth is that in 99% cases to make a place vaastu friendly no demolition is required. There are remedies which can be done to make the premises vaastu friendly.
Some of the benefits seen by me while practicing Vaastu Shastra, after making the place vaastu friendly are as following:

Benefits for the Occupants/Living Beings:

  • Increase in Positive energy.
  • Decrease in Depression tendencies.
  • Improvement in relationships like of couples, business, family, friends etc.
  • Growth in business.
  • Quick recovery from diseases with strengthening of immune system to fight illness.
  • Increases the concentration especially for children.
  • Spiritual growth in the occupants has been seen.

Benefits for the Building:

  • Improvement in cases related to Sick Building Syndrome.
  • Reduction in the impact caused by harmful radiations emitted by Earth.
  • Improvement in the Circulation cycle.
  • Reduction in impact from Electromagnetic waves.




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