Numerology is the study of numbers in reference to the living beings. The origin of numerology is unknown but it had been practiced from many centuries. The power of numbers where recognized by the civilizations of Egypt and Babylon many-many years ago. It is believed that Pythagoras, who was a Greek mathematician and philosopher (569-470 B.C.) is the inventor of the numerology system used today. Through numerology a lot can be known about the life, nature, behavior, objectives and various characteristics of an individualís life. Every English alphabet has a number value which is calculated to take out the meaning from the personís name and the date of birth.

Destiny Number: It is the total sum of the alphabets of the complete name of an individual. Destiny number is also known as Expression Number. This number is the second most important number in the Core. It describes a person's potential talents and his natural abilities along with the related character traits. For many people these talents and skills are there at birth which are usually further developed as the person grows in his life. Very often these particular abilities are of primary importance in a person's work and career. The talents as explained by the Expression form the central feature of an individual's career.

Birth Path/Life Path Number: It is the total sum of the date of the birth of person. The Life Path explains the major lessons that are to be learned by a person in his/her life. These lessons often determine the central focus of the life. The Life Path also clarifies the environment which is most conducive to learning the lessons involved and describes, as well, some of the major characteristics likely to be present in the individual's makeup. Most people have little trouble relating to their Life Path. Some people, though, for their own reasons, have little interest in pursuing that particular direction.

Power Number: Power number is obtained by adding Destiny/Expression Number and the Birth Path Number. This number is best suitable for individuals who are above the age of 35 years. This number is seen to impact the second half of the individualís life.

Heart Number: Heart number is obtained by adding all the vowels from the complete name of an individual. Heart number is said to depict the Souls Urge.

Personality Number: Personality number is obtained by adding all the constraints from the complete name of an individual.

Personal Year: Personal year is obtained by addition of number of date and month of the date of birth of the individual. In the addition numbers of the current years are added instead of year of birth. The Personal Year highlights the energies that will be working with during that year in the individualís life. This also indicates the upcoming opportunities which can be availed by the person in this time. This important influence changes each year till its nine year cycle ends. The first year in the cycle is a year one, the second year is the year two and so on and so forth till the last year in the cycle occurs which a year nine. After the ninth year, a new cycle starts from year one.

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