Need for Healing

For time unknown, not only human being but even animals have always wanted to get themselves healed. In case of animals their healing had been limited to the physical wounds they get from the fights or otherwise. But, in today’s time it has been well researched that even animals have emotions and feelings and therefore they also get psychologically or emotionally hurt.

But, in case of humans, from eons of time human beings have not only wanted to get healed physically, mentally but also emotionally and spiritually. To achieve this, they had been trying different ways of healings from times unknown. Need for healing can be for physical body or for emotional or psychological reasons. To explain the reason for why the "NEED" for healing is essential, help of a well known management tool known as "The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid Model" has been taken.

Through this model, 1943-54, Abraham Maslow explained five main types of needs by which a human being is motivated. These five needs are divided into following segments:

  • Physiological Needs: These are the basic needs like food, air, water, house, sex etc. If a person does not achieve them he may feel sick, irritate, in discomfort etc. They are at the base of the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model.
  • Safety Needs: Next comes is the need for safety. They are mostly psychological in nature and have to do with establishing stability and consistency for oneself in the world. The safety can be achieved from a home, family or good society. If any of this is missing than the person does not feel secure and may feel fear of something or else.
  • Love and Belongingness Needs: Third in the hierarchy these are needs under which a person wants to be a known and loved or cared. He wants to be a member of some or the other group, club, team or a gang. Not only Human beings even animals need to be needed.
  • Self Esteem Needs: Next on the ladder, this need is of two types. One need is of self esteem which results from mastering some task or achieving through competition. Second type of need is to attain power through recognitions and attention.
  • Self Actualization Needs:  This is the top level in the hierarchy. People in this segment want to maximize their potential. They want to become that one is capable of becoming. People can seek knowledge, aesthetic search, self-fulfillment, one self with God etc.

A person can be at one level or at the same time at more than one level for example A person may be still in the third segment of Love and Belongingness as he may be looking to become a member of some religious group or non-profit organization, but at the same time he may be also at the top level of Self Actualization as he may be looking for aesthetic experiences and search for oneness with God Almighty.

It can be clearly seen from this model that a person at any stage of his life or career is always trying to fulfill some or the other need of his. May this need be of providing food to himself and his family or it may be of finding the passage to Nirvana.  Hence this race to fulfill ones needs, maybe of different types do unknowingly create many problems for the person. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid do show the different needs of a person, but if for a moment the angle of one’s perspective view is increased than it can be seen that along with putting light on the pattern of the human behaviour, this model also shows that with each rise of step through this pyramid towards its top, the struggle and requirement to fulfill one’s desire or need increases according to the increase in the size of the need with each rising step.

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model

Human being in his searches for better and luxurious life has come a long way and did some great inventions and findings but in doing this there were many side effects which came along. Living in today’s fast paced life; a person has become so busy in making his ends meet and fulfilling his dreams that he has no time left for even himself. In this race at the end he may fulfill his need or reach his goal but not without earning a bag full of problems, stress filled lifestyle diseases and broken relationships.

To make the person cope up with his requirements and quest for achievements it becomes very important for him to keep his energy at the highest peak because only then will he be able to compete in this world without hurting himself physically and mentally. Similarly, as discussed in the previous chapter1 and 2, the buildings also require healing due to the faulty construction or improper use of material in the construction. As till the time these buildings are not healed from their flaws, people living in them cannot attain complete wellness. To bring the maximum benefits out of the building it becomes very essential to keep these premises free of problems and diseases. Hence, the need for healing arises for both the occupants and the buildings.

Some Of the Different types of Healing Methods:

People have been trying many types of healing processes to get themselves and their homes treated. People of each culture contain knowledge of one or the other way to treat the problems arising from the previously mentioned problems. This knowledge has been and is still been used for the betterment of not only the human race but also for the goodwill of animals, plants, Mother Earth and the ecological system. The ways to treat may be different but the end goal of bringing happiness, harmony and disease free life is the same for each and every healing method.

Humans find it tough to accept or adapt to cultures or rites and rituals of other societies or tribes other than of his own but amazing thing to notice is that the flexibility and openness with which people learn and accept the alternate healing sciences of each other’s cultures for example Feng Shui is an alternate science whose origin is in China but people all over the world practice and uses this science. Similarly, people of different religions all around the world use the Chanting of mantra “OM” while practicing meditation. When we talk about healing it is felt as if the whole world has become one by removing all the physical and psychological barriers and is working together for betterment of self and the whole universe. This is the fragrance of the feeling and need to get and to provide healing for self and others.





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