MEDITATION: The Power of the Calmness

Definition of Meditation:

Meditation is one of the oldest ways of alternate therapies known to the human race used not only for restoring mental, physical health but also to achieve the complete spiritual bliss. It is a process practiced over the centuries by many to achieve the internal calmness and for some to achieve the final stage of Nirvana. Once known to be practiced only by the Rishi-Munis living in the deep jungles and Himalayas, meditation has at present times entered into the household of common working man. This has only happened due to spread of the awareness about the benefits one can achieve from the meditation.

Buddhist Monk meditating

Also, simplification of the ways in which a person can meditate has helped a person to meditate according to his ability and taste. While some try to meditate in a calm mood like Lord Buddha, others like Sufi Jalaluddin Rumi like to meditate while dancing in ecstasy of the love to the Lord Almighty. For a layman, meditation is to disciple all the five senses by bringing control over them through continuous practice of yoga. In today’s modern times many doctors recommend their patients to practice meditation on regular basis to overcome lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, depression, diabetes, heart problems etc.

According to Madonna Gauding, author of “The Meditation Bible”, meditation is simply making a choice of concentrating the mind on something. As per her, meditation can be listening with a focused mind to the favourite music, or reading the book of interest.
Another meaning of meditation as described by T.S. Eliot mentioned by Erica Brealey in her book “The Spirit of Meditation” is “At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is, But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity, Where past and future are gathered .Neither movement from nor towards, Neither ascent nor decline. Except from the point, the still point, There would be no dance, and there is only the dance. I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where. And I cannot say, how long, for that is to place in time.”

Benefits of Meditation:

In whichever way or form a person may meditate it is definite that he will surely gain benefits out of it, only he has to do it with sincerity and with free will. Breathing along with correct posture and concentration plays an important role in meditation helping to relax, de-stress and remove the mental tension and worrying about the daily grind and busy modern lives. According to meditation teacher Burgs “ The very process of meditation is one of learning to rest effortlessly at peace with who we are, coming to an acceptance of life as it is and therein finding happiness and joy. It leads naturally to a letting go of the unnecessary so that we can enter more completely into the immediacy of each moment as it is…..The practice of meditation costs nothing and consumes nothing. It is a past time that will never fail to challenge and inspire you, and while you do it you might find your mind naturally inclining to that precious state of being of few needs and satisfied with less

Meditation is something which not only helps to make a person attain peace with his inner self and with his surroundings but is also a practice which makes the soul perfect to meet the higher self in full bright colors. Speaking about my personal experience, I have noticed that even the environment of the place or premises where meditation is practiced changes more towards a positive, soothing and calm. For all these ages, sages have been roaming around the earth looking for remote aloof places, may they be deep jungles of Madhya Pradesh or high white peaks of the Himalayas. All this they had been doing to attain peace in their surroundings so that in return can achieve peace at their heart as a fruit to their meditation.

Benefits to the living being:

  • Mental Clarity: By meditating regularly a person can get internal strength and clarity in the mind to fight through the day to day stress.
  •  Improved Concentration: Regular meditation practice makes a person more productive at all aspects of life and helps in enhancing concentration levels.
  • Health Betterment: With meditation as the stress and anxiety level is kept under control which in return helps in treating various mental and physical illnesses.
  •  Self Confidence: With meditation practice, one can develop not only self confidence but also an ability to achieve his goals set in the path of one’s life.
  • Removal of Bad Habits: Once if you’ve decided that you are struggling with bad habits and want to give them up, regular meditation can help you a lot.
  • Control and Healing of Emotions: Meditation can help you to get out of emotional roller coaster by focusing on your inner self and awareness and also helps in treating the emotional traumas faced by a person in his life.
  • Spiritual Path: Meditation helps a person to grow on the spiritual path. When a person starts attaining his hold on focusing his mind, if he wants he can move towards attaining the cosmic bliss as that is the time when the mind is at ease and the soul at peace.
  • Material Satisfaction: Meditation helps a person to achieve a state in which the race to collect more and more materialistic things seems as a waste of time and resources. The spirit of satisfaction and content is achieved by the person with regular Dhayan or meditation. It has been observed that with regular practice of meditation a person can be happy in whatever little he has and the needs start getting to bare minimal

Benefits for the Building or premises:

  • The area where meditation is done starts getting positive vibrations.
  • Such area remains clean from any type of negativity as while meditation many times religious rituals like chanting of God’s name or mantras, spraying of holy water and havans are conducted. All these rituals help in removing adverse impact from problems like sick building syndromes, geopathic stress etc.
  • Since most of the people who meditate are of healthy mind, God fearing nature and are lovers of natural beauty hence they do take care to keep the surroundings clean and green and energized with positive energies.

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