mainThe Mystic Solutions TM is a company which is serving Healers, Collectors and Users globally by providing them products and services for both complementary/alternate therapies and metaphysical needs. Established in 2005, The Mystic Solution (TMS) is a vision seen by Dr. Punpreet Singh, a well known personality in the world of Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Vaastu, Herbal healing and many more fields. Today, TMS is providing products for both healing as well as for collection. Rare formations of crystals as well as various types of fragrances are provided at TMS.

The Mystic Solutions TM specializes in products like rough rocks, idols, gemstones etc. in different crystals like clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, moldavite, tektite, jade, nephrite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, agate, chalcedony, black obsidian and many other types of crystals. Products are of various forms like pencils, pyramids, spheres (balls), double terminals, natural pencils, crystal skulls, angels, arrow heads, bracelets, necklaces, generators, pendants, massage wands, jaap mala, earrings, birthstones, runes, lingam, bowls, hearts, rock salt lamps and many other forms.

TMS also provides products and services in herbal and aroma therapy. Products which are exported as well as supplied as wholesale to the retail/domestic markets consist of aroma (Essential) oils, burners, tea light candles, aroma powder, Incense sticks, electric aroma oil diffusers, charcoal tablets and many other products in various different fragrances and designs.

It has been observed that products made from crystals, aroma ingredients and herbs, when properly used not only help in cleaning the aura but are also very useful in saving and treating buildings and the health of their occupants from harmful impact from geopathic stress, Hartmann grid, lye lines, electromagnetic waves (EMF) etc. For example, by using black tourmaline (Schroll) in the premises it not only helps in not only reducing the negativity but also reduces the harmful impact of EMF rays and does not affect the health of the people using that place. Again, it has been seen that by placing a rock salt lamp in a room full of air pollution, the environment can be changed back to positive as when on heated the rock salt lamp releases negative ions which when link to the negative ions present in the atmosphere convert into positive ions hence cleansing the room’s atmosphere.

Crystals due to their piezoelectric characteristics are frequently used both in alternate therapies like Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression, Tarot, Crystal ball glazing, meditation etc. as well as in medical instruments like ultrasound machines, pace makers, watches. On studying important traits or properties of natural products like crystals one can easily find an answer to the question: “What is energy and what is it importance in the universe”?

The Mystic Solutions TM has its owned retail shops as well as wholesale depot from where trade enquires are answered for worldwide as well as India based customers. All the products are sourced from direct manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe to ensure best quality. Buyers not only get a chance to choose from large range of products but are also able to get security in both quality and quantity of the products. Along with providing products, TMS also undertakes courses and services related to crystal therapy, aroma therapy, numerology, vaastu, reiki, feng shui, gemology, different forms of meditation, yoga etc. Along with these, courses are undertaken for personality grooming, confidence building etc.
















15 kgs Rare Crsytak Skull
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Crystal Skull