CRYSTAL HEALING: Definition of Crystal Healing:

Crystal healing is a form of therapy in which the alternate therapy practitioner uses natural crystals for treating himself, his premises or others and their buildings. He uses different types of crystals and minerals on or around a person or in the building in order to release stress, establish deep relaxation, release pain, and support good energy balance. The crystals are positioned at the sites where a person experiences pain or are placed on the fine energy vortexes known as chakras.


In a building the crystals are kept at places which can get negativity very quickly. Usually, the treatment lasts up to an hour and the crystals are used singly or in combination according to the need.
The functioning of the crystal is very interesting and can be sometimes tricky to understand. A type of current known as the “piezoelectric current” found to be present in the crystals. It has been found that crystals work on the principle of resonance, which means whenever two wavelengths match the message is conveyed something similar to working of the remote control of the television set or the music which plays on specific frequency on the radio. Crystals have the ability to hold and produce energy vibrations. A common example to understand the strength of the vibrations of the crystal is to study the process of crystals been used in the watch to keep the time precise The regular current is transferred by the battery to the crystal placed in the watch, which in turn releases the charge or the current at a fixed rate, which results in the accurate and precise time shown by the watch. Similarly, for their property of maintaining and producing a regular and accurate pulse, crystals are also used in ultra sound machines, pace makers etc. In his article “Crystal Consciousness” by Daniel Stone, crystals can pick up subtle rays of energy and they do not lie. Whenever a small amount of electrical current is passed through a piece of crystal, it magnifies that current manifold. Similarly thoughts, emotions when passed through crystals get magnified.
Crystal healing is a complete science as it requires understanding not only the properties of the different crystals but at the same time it also requires to know the mineral components of the stones. From my personal experience, I have noticed that if the crystal therapy practitioner knows the mineral components of the crystals he or she is using than it becomes not only easier to treat but also the results can be achieved much faster and better. But the best way to find the suitable crystals for your requirements is by trying different crystals for different needs.

Crystal therapy is not only just another alternate therapy, but in fact like any other therapy it is a complete science in itself. For any practitioner to be successful in this field, he has to understand not only the cause of the problem or disease but also the type of crystal that can be well suited for that particular problem. He should also be well versed in the combination he can create using crystals along with other crystals, essential oils, colours etc. It is recommended that the crystal healer should know healing and the basic mineral properties of the crystals he uses. As there are more than three hundred and fifty types of crystals, with each day adding new specimens, it is important to keep on doing research and development so that the knowledge about the working of crystals in different arenas can keep on growing. Crystals are frequently used in treatments, rituals and as remedies by Vaastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Aura Cleaning, Angel Therapy, Meditation, Colour Healing, Shamanic etc. practitioners. It has been known that twelve crystals each representing a tribe of Israel, were attached to the breast plate of the High Priest of Israel.

Benefits from Crystal Healing:

Crystals are not only used for healing purpose in the alternate therapies but are commonly used in the medical fields as well, examples for which have been stated further in this section. As discussed above, crystals are known to have healing qualities. It is because of these qualities that so many healers all around the world have been using them to benefit and heal people with various ailments throughout all these years.
Benefits of the crystals have also been used for ages to energize and clean the buildings from the flaws present. Crystals are used either independently or combined with some other alternate therapy. Which ever be the way, it has been noted that the benefits are definitely seen.
There are many different shapes in which the crystals are used. Some are man-made like crystal skulls, pyramids, polished and shaped pencils, spheres and other are naturally formed shapes like crystal clusters, manifestation, phantoms, double terminals, geodes, tantric twins, generators, isis, manifestations etc.

recordkeepercrystal        lumerian
      Lemurian Seed Crystal                                                                                                      Atlantic Record Keeper Crystal            

Benefits to the living beings:
  • Crystals are very beneficial in providing the much required energy to the body.
  • Crystals like Quartz help in strengthening the immune system of the person and for treating different ailments.
  • They also help in cases like mental problems, lack of concentration etc.
  • A person ailing from insomnia can be benefitted by use of crystals like Amethyst.
  • It has been seen that when used properly, crystals like Tiger’s eye, Lapis lazuli help in increasing confidence, speaking capabilities, public dealing in those who lack these properties.
  • In cases of Leukemia, it has been noted that when used properly and for prolonged use, crystals help in reducing the pain and at the same time help in increasing blood cells. Best used crystals for this purpose can be bloodstone, Hematite. 
  • Crystals are the best source to remove fatigue and treat lethargic symptoms.
  • They are very helpful in building and improving relationships between the family members.
  • Medicines taken after energizing them with crystals are seen to work more quickly and efficiently.

 Benefits for the buildings:

    • Crystals are the best source of providing energy to the premises.
    • They are very useful to remove any flaws from the buildings caused due to sick building syndromes, geopathic stress etc.
    • By just keeping a small cluster of Quartz a building with negative vibes can be treated and converted into a positive area.
    • Not only this a small piece of Black tourmaline crystal kept at the entrance of the home can remove and block any type of negative energy from the home and also threat the impact caused by the arrow head road ( if the house is located at any such place).
    • By keeping crystals in the study room, helps the person by not only improving the memory and concentration but also keep the place well energized.
    • It has been seen that a rock of Citrine kept at office or working area helps in increasing the business and prosperity.
    • Keeping crystals in the ICU area of the hospital helps in quicker recovery of the patients.
    • By placing crystals like Rose quartz in places like clubs, discotheques, bars, casinos etc. where the chances of conflict are known to be high because of the nature of activities undertaken there (drinking, gambling etc.) not only help in reducing conflicts between the customers but also improves the relationships between management and the customers and also reduces the tension at that place.
    • Similarly, keeping crystals at office place improves relationships between employer-employee and between colleagues.




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